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Modern Technology: How It Can Help You

Being comfortable with technology is necessary these days, no matter who you are or what you do in life. Most of the time, it will help you with your job. Other times it will make your life a whole lot easier and it will save you valuable time.

If you are older, like I am, you can still catch up since most pieces of hardware and software are extremely user-friendly nowadays. Before you dismiss my claim, just think about.

If you are older, you probably have children or even grandchildren that don’t live with you anymore. In many cases they might live very far away and you’re not able to see them very often. But modern technology can bridge that gap up to a certain degree. Learning to use Skype is fairly simple for instance and you will be able to see and talk to your family and friends no matter where they are in the world – as long they have an internet connection.

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You can also send and receive money, without the need to go the bank and wait in line. Or, you can order items online and have them delivered right to your doorstep, without you ever leaving the house and doing all of that tedious shopping. There is no getting away from it; technology almost rules our lives in some shape or form.

Online Research

Like I mentioned before, being a tech-head comes in handy in the workplace as well. A while back, my co-workers and I were given a specific task to look into the details of certain professions including the salary, rate of employment and the chance for employees to advance. Usually, this kind of task would require me to call people and dig through mountains of records, which is what some of my colleagues did.

Being tasked with looking into nursing and related careers, I simply used the internet for research. I quickly found a number of websites carefully compiled with the latest salary data and job information. One site which stood out was The Nurse Salary Guide it combined data for a number of nursing careers salaries from Registered Nurses to Nurse Practitioners. It was great for clear easy to read data covering a number of related professions and showing at a glance the differences between them – perfect for my research!

I was able to complete the task and move onto another project sooner. But, that’s just one of the numerous examples of how technology has made my life easier ever since I decided to stop avoiding it, and started embracing it.

Leave Your Comfort Zone – Embrace Technology!

Another example would be how I became familiar with smartphones. I stuck with my old cell phone for almost a decade, stubbornly refusing to get a new one. Until one day while driving, I got completely lost. Of course I was too proud to ask anyone for directions! I somehow managed to find the right direction, but it had cost me hours. So, I decided I would get a smartphone, so I can make use of GPS and maps. They are not perfect, but they do a much better job of getting me where I want to go, that I would be able to do myself.

Each era brings something new with it, a thing which we have to embrace, sooner or later. Right now, it’s the internet and modern technology. Being open to new things, when they are useful and make your life easier, is just common sense. Have a go at it yourself, and I promise you, you won’t come to regret it. Ever.

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