Free vs Paid Antivirus Software for Your PC

When it comes to antivirus protection you have a massive choice. Before you dive into the wealth of software available though you are going to need to make an important decision; are you willing to pay for the software or not? On this page I want to discuss a little bit about the merits of both paid and free antivirus software. Hopefully this should make your quest for the best PC security that much easier.

More Than Price Matters

Now, the distinction between the software is much more than price. It all comes down to functionality. Generally speaking, free antivirus software will do nothing more than allow you to scan your computer for viruses. This is all well and good most of the time. However, you are going to want to stop viruses before they can actually get a hold of your systemFree right? Of course you do. Paid software can help you with this. Most paid software tends to provide you with everything that you need right out of the box.

Now, there are some good pieces of free software out there that include a ton of features but I have yet to find something that is as good as some of the paid offerings out there.

In addition to this, paid software tends to have much better customer support. This means two things for you. Firstly, if you ever run into any issues then there will be somewhere there on the other end of the line – who is willing to help you out. Secondly, dedicated customer support means that the team will always be striving to get new definitions for viruses into their software.

When new definitions are added, it means that the software is going to be able to track the new viruses that are launched. This means that you have much better protection. The best free software is updated with these definitions, but not as frequently, and that means you could be leaving yourself exposed for a short while which is not going to be good!

I am not knocking free software by the way. I do think that some of the options out there are absolutely fantastic. However, you do need to realize that if you want complete protection for your computer then you are going to need to download multiple pieces of free software to provide you with that protection. This can become quite memory intensive fairly fast, and that does mean that it is going to slow down your computer somewhat.

Obviously the downside of paid software is that some of the best software out there can be fairly expensive. In addition to this, many companies charge subscription fees after the first year to allow you to continue to download updates. However, for many people, the added protection is more than enough for them to justify this cost.

This is just a very brief overview of the differences between paid and free software. Hopefully this will allow you to make that decision a bit easier. If you are unsure about what antivirus software will do for you, then I suggest that you start off with a free piece of software – AVG Free Antivirus is a great start. You can always upgrade later on when you discover you have a need for the extra features that paid software delivers.

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