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Easy Jailbreaking Guide for Beginners

So you have heard about Jailbreaking but have no real clue what it is all about. This Guide is aimed at beginners to help them understand the whole process and not be afraid of Jailbreaking technology.

In the context of this website – one main reason to perform a Jailbreak on an Apple device is to allow you to use cell phone spy software programs. Full featured spy apps need the target device to be Jailbroken – although mSpy now have a No Jailbreak version (no actual software is used on the device) – my main mSpy review gives details of the main differences.

Of course there are many other reasons to Jailbreak – and it is a very common action. So let’s go!

how to jailbreak iphone

What is Jailbreaking?

First up – it Only applies to Apple devices using their operating system called iOS – you cannot jailbreak an Android device – see Rooting Android for more information on customizing the Android operating system.

In the simplest terms, Apple sets certain limitations on their iOS devices. You can’t change certain things, install apps that have not been approved, and add your own features to it. Jailbreaking gets rid of those limitations and lets you, the customer, get the most out of your own product.

The process modifies the iOS to allow further customization and the use of external software programs and apps – Freedom from Apple Jail!

How Much Does it Cost?

Nothing! There is a very active Jailbreaking community – people who work together to provide the service and software required for free. People jailbreak phones to help you out, not for the money. Some companies will charge you for a full service, but there is usually no need to pay – everything you need is freely available.

Types of Jailbreaking

There are two types of jailbreaking: tethered and untethered.


The tethered jailbreak has your device hooked to your computer when it switches on for the jailbreak to work. Your computer transfers the code to your device. However, tethered jailbreaking has problems.

If you restart the device while not connected to a computer, which can be out of your control sometimes, it will render your device useless. Tethered usually is released first, but it’s recommended to wait for the untethered version.


Untethered jailbreaks do not need a computer to connect – it can be downloaded directly on to the device. It stores the code on your device instead and starts when you turn on the phone. It takes longer for the untethered version to come out, but it’s worth it.

Risks – Legal / Void Warrantyiphone jailbreak

Hacking or rather, modifying anything always has its risks, and you should look at the risks before jailbreaking your device. One example has been fixed. In the past Apple would not fix your phone if it was jailbroken, since it violated their agreement. However, Apple must fix your phone now.

If you’re unsure, you can always reinstall iOS before fixing your phone. Jailbreaking is legal, and so is installing through Cydia, the jailbreak app store. But pirated applications are illegal, so beware.

Risks – Bricking

If you don’t follow the instructions and unplug your device during installation, it can brick your iPhone, making it useless. However, the chance of this happening is low.

Risks – Instability

Too much freedom can be bad. If you’re not careful, your phone can crash, stop working, or restart all the time. This is because jailbroken devices use lots of RAM. The more RAM your device has, the less risk, but even those have their limits. Just uninstall a few add-ons or restore it to factory settings if it becomes a problem.

Risks – Security

Every app you buy normally has been tested to make sure it doesn’t have code that will breach your phone’s security. However, jailbroken apps don’t have that guarantee and may contain harmful stuff. If you only install well known, reliable apps from Cydia, you’ll be safe.

Can I Jailbreak My Device and iOS Version?

If it can run iOS – any device can be jailbroken. As for the iOS version – you will need to check the latest available jailbreak software – a simple Google search – or check with one of the big communities for the latest news.

The problem is that Apple continually release new versions of iOS – sometimes with enhancements and security fixes but sometimes it seems to frustrate the Jailbreak community. After all, Apple are missing out on sales of their own apps to people with Free phones!

Be Safe Before You Begin

Before you attempt to Jailbreak you must perform a full and reliable backup of your device. Remember you can potentially wipe all your personal data if something goes wrong. Simply having a good backup negates this risk. The same should apply when performing any iOS update too!

Top Tip – make sure your device battery is fully charged before you begin – avoid any potential problems!

How to Jailbreak Now

There are several main jailbreaking programs – the one I have used regularly is from redsnOw.

This is one of the most used tools. It’s easy to use and difficult to mess up. Download the latest version from their website. The program is for Mac and Windows, and both versions are basically the same.easy jailbreaking guide

You can jailbreak your device with this program in two ways. One works for any device, but requires you to backup and restore your device, which can take a while if you have a full device. It may also cause problems with synching, but this is unlikely.

Another way works only for the 4th generation devices, including the first iPad, as well as the iPhone 3GS. If you have those, it’s faster, and leaves your stuff without deleting it. However, you still should create a backup.

Method One

Install redsnOw, running as administrator if you’re using Vista or above. Plug in your device, then it should appear on the bottom of the window. Click “jailbreak.” It will do the rest for you. Wait it out, and don’t remove the device at any time.

Method Two

Once you install redsnOw, don’t open it. Instead, you need to put your device in recovery mode. Open up iTunes and connect your device. Then press the power and home buttons simultaneously for about ten seconds. The device will restart.

Once the screen is black, release the power button but hold the home button for a few more. The screen must be black. If you see the Apple logo, you need to do it again. If successful, iTunes will tell you your device is in recovery mode. Now start up redsn0w. Click “jailbreak,” and redsn0w will take over.

If this worked, your device will reset and you should see white text on the screen. Don’t fret. It’s just listing the commands. It will go away and then you should see a picture of a sprinting pineapple, which is the mascot for redsn0w. After that, the phone should restart one last time. Now you can use your phone.

As I mentioned – I personally have used redsnOw and find it reliable – but you are free to check out other Jailbreaks.

What to Do Nowjailbreak advantages

Your phone looks the same, save for the Cydia icon. Think of Cydia as a free app store – it is where you can find and download a wide range of apps. Cydia is your key to getting the most out of your phone, so the next part will cover that.


Cydia should ask what type of user you are. Select whatever you want, and then it will download what packages (the term they use for apps) are available for your phone. Like the normal app store, you can look for packages by category or using your search bar.

Installing Packages

Installing using Cydia is like installing normal apps, but does have its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s less organized, but can be more convenient as well. You can search via categories or use your own search bar.

The color-coded text tells you which are free and which aren’t. Black text means free, and blue means you have to pay to use the full product. You can pay via PayPal or Amazon payments if you want to purchase packages.

Once you select whatever you want to purchase, it will show you the software that’s going to be installed. You can install it right now, or wait for later.

Deleting Packages

In Cydia, click on Manage, and then Packages. This will show you the installed packages you have currently. If you want to remove a package, tap on it, tap on Modify on the right hand corner, then click Remove. You can confirm that you are going to delete it beforehand, so you won’t worry about accidentally deleting something.

How to Upgrade Packages

Like normal apps, your packages will have updated versions that give you more features or fix a few problems. Just click on Changes at the bottom of the screen and then Upgrade on the top right hand corner. You can confirm an update beforehand.

apple jailbreaking

Life After Jailbreaking

You need to be aware of a few things going forward. If you update your iOS after Jailbreaking – the Jailbreak will be removed. This is actually the easiest way to remove a Jailbreak.

Obviously if it is removed – any apps or modifications use have used through Cydia will also be removed and you would need to perform the Jailbreak all over again.

In the case of spy apps – they too would be removed. It is wise to disable automatic updates on your device. If you ever do want to update the iOS – just be sure that there is a current Jailbreak available.


Freeing your device from its bonds is something that’s easy to do and can be free. It allows you to give your device new features, which can allow you to easily multitask or toggle on Wi-Fi options easier. It can even make your phone act like another brand.

You can customize the menu to do whatever you want, and you can run apps and software that Apple doesn’t want you to run. While you do risk running into a few problems, it’s definitely something you should try.

If you’re afraid of damaging or losing access to your device, try it out on your old phone once you get a new one. You’ll have little to lose, but a lot to gain if you try it out. Now that you’ve done the research, you should definitely give jailbreaking a try.

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