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Easy Android Rooting Guide

android rooting guide

So you have heard about Rooting an Android and are already confused – most people are to begin with. This article will help you to understand what Rooting is all about, how it is relatively straight forward and how anyone can do it safely. On this website I discuss cell phone spy software apps and […]

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Easy Jailbreaking Guide for Beginners

how to jailbreak iphone

So you have heard about Jailbreaking but have no real clue what it is all about. This Guide is aimed at beginners to help them understand the whole process and not be afraid of Jailbreaking technology. In the context of this website – one main reason to perform a Jailbreak on an Apple device is […]

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The Most Persistent PC Myths Out There, Debunked

pc myths debunked

The world of the Internet has provided tenacious urban legends about every aspect of life, and no matter how many times Snopes or another source debunks them, they keep coming back. Computers themselves have their own urban legends and lore that get passed around, built up, and spread like a virus. Some legends are based […]

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Health and Fitness Using Technology: Connecting the Dots

elliptical trainer technology

If you are reading this article, it’s safe to say that you are pretty tech-savvy. In this day and age, being familiar with modern technology and its wide range of applications is no longer reserved for young tech nerds or software engineers. Seeing as technology has permeated just about every pore of life, it is […]

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Urban Legends and Truths About Computer Slowdown

tools for speed

When you first got your computer, it was faster than a quickdraw cowboy. Now, however, it’s slow and clunky, processing like a pile of goop. Why is that? There are many reasons why people think your computer is slow. Maybe your computer has too many viruses. You may think you need more RAM. Or perhaps […]

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Easy Ways to Deal with Email Spam

No one is safe from email spammers. Some email clients have improved their spam filtering offerings, but malicious emails still manage to get through. Email isn’t the only thing that is vulnerable. There is even such a thing as Facebook and Twitter spam! Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to keep your […]

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7 Amazing Abilities an Android Phone Can Give You

android logo

Do you think Android is only an operating system offering enhanced user experiences through smartphones or tablet computers? Probably, you will be astonished to know this Linux-kernel based OS simply lets you do some of the coolest things just by making use of some apps available at Google Play store. Does it seem crazy? However, […]

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