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Beginners Guide to Cell Phone Spy Software

Maybe you’re looking for more information about monitoring software for your phone, or perhaps you’re just curious about it. Whatever the reason may be, we’re here to help. We’ve created this walkthrough for beginners, explaining what cell phone spy software is, what it does, and much more. After you read this, you should have some […]

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Urban Legends and Truths About Computer Slowdown

tools for speed

When you first got your computer, it was faster than a quickdraw cowboy. Now, however, it’s slow and clunky, processing like a pile of goop. Why is that? There are many reasons why people think your computer is slow. Maybe your computer has too many viruses. You may think you need more RAM. Or perhaps […]

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Cell Phone Monitoring Programs – How They Work

Are you a concerned parent, spouse, or family member worrying about the whereabouts of a teen or loved one? No need to worry and be stressed out any longer as there are cell phone software monitoring programs available to help you keep a close eye on things. Let’s take a much closer look into how […]

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5 Must-Have Free Android Apps for Your Smartphone

Our phones have become important, daily tools in our lives. More than ever, they are integrated into our work and personal lives. That being said, there are countless apps that have been created to customize the smartphone experience. You can download them based on your specific needs and at your leisure, but navigating the hundreds […]

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Free vs Paid Antivirus Software for Your PC


When it comes to antivirus protection you have a massive choice. Before you dive into the wealth of software available though you are going to need to make an important decision; are you willing to pay for the software or not? On this page I want to discuss a little bit about the merits of […]

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Choosing Antivirus Software for a Cell Phone

free anti virus

In the past your cell phone was nothing more than a useful tool to make phone calls. Nowadays though, they are a great deal more sophisticated. In fact, that tiny little phone that you keep in your pocket is thousands of times more powerful than computers from ten or so years ago. As you can […]

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