Hi there,

Terry_Dawson_profile-image-2My name is Terry Dawson and I have a passion for Technology. I am the owner/writer/admin etc.etc. for Software Mango.com – that means there is just little old me, no big backroom staff all trying to sell you something!

Why should that matter to you? It means you can trust what I have to say – I have no secret motives and am not trying to sell you anything. That is a rare thing on the internet these days – everyone is selling something or so it seems.

Anyway, this site is meant to help you with some tips and tricks I have learned along the way. I also throw in the odd review of products which interest me – plus some which horrify! You will also find some of my more personal ramblings – all technology related of course, don’t worry you won’t need to listen to my political rants here.

Have a good look around, I really hope you can find some little nugget to take away.

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