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7 Amazing Abilities an Android Phone Can Give You

Do you think Android is only an operating system offering enhanced user experiences through smartphones or tablet computers? Probably, you will be astonished to know this Linux-kernel based OS simply lets you do some of the coolest things just by making use of some apps available at Google Play store. Does it seem crazy? However, the only thing you have to know is how you do things with your favorite Android phone. This article will reveal what cool things your phone can do just by using some apps.

Start a car using an app?

It is truly enjoyable when you see your Android device can lock, unlock and start your car. Thanks to Viper SmartStart! This app will enable your phone to start the car wirelessly from a long distance. The premium version of the app is available at roughly $149, and you need to purchase a $399-GPS module. Now, your phone is all set to work wonders as the app will let your car share what it does on your favorite social media, such as Facebook. So, your car does not require your presence to get started from android logonow on.

Be the remote admin of your PC

You might have heard about TeamViewer. Just get the app installed on your phone to enjoy unhindered accessibility and absolute control of your own PC when staying away from your home. Do you want to transfer some files from the PC to the phone or other devices? There is nothing to worry since the app will help you do it all.

Host a personal web server

Being Linux based, Android OS enables the phone to run a Web server with all its properties, such as PHP support, FTP client for transferring file and MySQL database. You only need to get KSWEB installed and set up your personal web server on the Android phone.

Run a whole new OS on the phone

Do you know an Android device can use a whole new OS like Ubuntu?  You have to install Linux installer to get a new OS on the go. To enjoy multitasking facilities of a desktop, you can connect a mouse and keyboard to your phone using a USB OTG cable.

Be a programmer

Do you have something in your brain like that of a programmer? Well, Android is going to make you happy by letting you write or compile and test applications right on your phone by using AIDE which is a free programming app.

Monitoring your heart rate

Using the Instant Heart Rate application, an android phone will do something like your personal physician. Do you know how? Cool, this app will measure the beat rate of your heart using the built-in camera that tracks the changes in color of your fingertip which is closely linked to the pulse. You may rely on it since it uses the same system as oximeters do. Another great example of fitness using technology to help us!

Travel guide apps

Do you hate human travel guides on adventure trips? No matter, Google Goggles when installed on an Android device can take snapshots of a particular place and identify it to inform you of the location with more details.

In addition, an Android device will let you do some more amazing things which may include using the phone as your pedometer, paying your coffee bill using Starbucks app and connecting the phone to any USB flash drive. So, an Android phone opens up the window to endless possibilities as long as you make it work for you.

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