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5 Must-Have Free Android Apps for Your Smartphone

Our phones have become important, daily tools in our lives. More than ever, they are integrated into our work and personal lives. That being said, there are countless apps that have been created to customize the smartphone experience. You can download them based on your specific needs and at your leisure, but navigating the hundreds of thousands of Android apps that exist out there today can be quite the task. It may discourage you completely from downloading some pretty amazing and useful apps. Here, we narrow the search for you by providing our top 5 free Android apps for smartphones.

1. SmartLauncher

There is a free and premium version of this app available. This is an important app for users who download many apps. SmartLauncher takes over your phone’s home screens and organizes your apps based on theme. It even prioritizes your apps based on the ones you use most. If you use multiple devices, it will integrate with them, too. Tablets, other phones, even your Google TV box.

2. Avast Mobile Security App

Mobile security is so underrated yet incredibly important – I’ve written about chosing antivirus for your cellphone here.  If you don’t browse the internet on your computer without anti-virus software, then you shouldn’t do it on your phone. According to the Independent IT-Security Institute’s AV Test in 2013, Avast found 100% of their viruses. They also offer some awesome features, including: call-blocking, anti-theft, and message filtering – Free Antivirus that works!

3. WhatsApp Messenger

Technically, WhatsApp is free for the first year and then $.99 a month after that. This messenger app offers more than your basic phone’s instant messenger or texting application. With this app, you can text all your friends, specific groups, and sharing media without the extra cost. It allows you to import your contacts from Gmail, Facebook, and other social media.

4. Trigger

Trigger is an ideal app for those who want to automate the boring, repetitive tasks in their lives. An example of this is your phone turning off mobile data when connecting to Wifi (some phones already to this, but you have to tell it). This app can also utilize Near Field Communication to “trigger” your app into performing a task. For instance, you could tag your car so that when you get into your car, your Bluetooth will turn on. You could also do this in your office or home so that when you arrive,keepass-droid-01 your Bluetooth will turn off and your Wifi will turn on. Talk about making your life easier!

5. KeePassDroid

I think it’s safe to say that most people have trouble keeping track of their usernames and passwords while keeping them complex enough to be secure. KeePassDroid is a password management app that keeps everything organized for you. It is used in conjunction with DropBox or GoogleDrive to give you secure access to the websites you frequent.

Apps are about fun and functionality. You can make your life easier by downloading useful apps like the ones above. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t already done so.

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